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[Draft] 2D-Electrophoresis Prototype


Buenos Aires, October/2003.
Alejandro F. Reimondo


The work done to detect bands and lanes in 1D-Electrophoresis images was very important to implement signal detection on gel images considering color and intensity.
Now, we can start the development of 2D-Images support also considering color and properties related with two dimensional difusion.

Goals on 2D-Prototype

Development Plan

I plan to reach an usable/working prototype on 2D in a month of work.
The development of a good prototype is directly related with the amount of samples to work with, so it is VERY important to have images of 2D-Gels (real milk gels) to reach an aceptable solution in short time.


What will we have?

We will have a working prototype for:

How much effort - resources?

One person (myself) during one month (30days) will be required for the development.

How long must we wait?

I have all the required resources to start working (we can start NOW).

Cost of development.

The cost related to the tasks defined in this document, will be of 2000 euros.

What will be included with the software?

Contact information

Alejandro F. Reimondo
eMail address aleReimondo en smalltalking.net
MSN address aleReimondo@hotmail.com
(warning: do not use this address for email)