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OpenCV Swiki

This swiki is a collaborative tool for the OpenCV Community.

Note on how to contribute

Documents, papers and links of interest.

[OpenCV] list archive and comments.

Samples using OpenCV.

Projects and Essays using OpenCV.

Failures and BUG report page.

OpenCV Resource files

Interfaces to OpenCV library.

Further wishes for OpenCV.

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Sample Expressions
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OpenCV related wikis

OpenCV Sorceforge WikiMain wiki of the OpenCV comunity
OpenCV on the CellOpenCV library for the Sony PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) Linux.

Another swiki servers...

http://www.aleReimondo.com.arThe swiki server of AleReimondo used as shaded media for software development.

For any comment feel free to contact Alejandro Reimondo (http://www.aleReimondo.com).

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