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OpenCV under WindowsCE

The core algorithms of OpenCV will compile pretty much without any problems for Windows CE. Naturally, GUI related stuff like the HighGUI library, should be removed, since WindowsCE uses different GUI APIs.

Important Note

Most of the platforms (i.e. CPU architecture) that run Windows CE (and other embedded OSs, for that matter) do not support floating-point operations. When you compile OpenCV for these platforms, the compiler uses a software library to emulate floating-point operations, making these operations very slow.

If you must use these operations and performance is critical rewrite the offending functions using fixed point math.

Compiling Open CV with embedded vc++4

ppc2.zipCompiled Dll and OpenCV application:
Takes a picture with the built-in camera and detects rectangles in the image (http://www.zone1.de/PocketPC/OpenCV.html)
Compiled for: Pocket LOOX 720


Anyone knows how to port a OpenCV-based vision system with using HighGui to Windows CE??? Thanks!