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Documents, papers and links of interest.

This page has been created to contain documents, technical papers and links of interest for the OpenCV community.

OpenCV Library OverviewSimple explanation of OpenCV capabilities.
Library DownloadsDownload files are available on Source Forge.
Robert Laganiere Tutorial to OpenCV and DirectShowReally good link for starting a project.
Object detection training tutorialLast free version of IPL 2.5 and an explanation of the traning process for "cvHaarFaceDetect".
Canny edge Detector,Snake,HoughSource code.
Seeing With OpenCV
A Computer-Vision Library
openCvPart01.pdf by: Robin Hewwit
Seeing With OpenCV
Finding Faces in Images
openCvPart02.pdf by: Robin Hewwit
Seeing With OpenCV
Follow That Face!
openCvPart03.pdf by: Robin Hewwit
Seeing With OpenCV
Face Recognition With Eigenface
openCvPart04.pdf by: Robin Hewwit
Introduction to programming with OpenCV
Gady Agam

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Documents and papers in Spanish

Curso de Procesamiento Audiovisual

Autor: Ginés García Mateos
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