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[VS] Introduction

Visual Smalltalk is a commercial implementation of Smalltalk.
Smalltalk is not a language, it is a virtual ambient that evolves; you can use the ambient to build systems that run while being constructed.
A Smalltalk ambient let you work in an Object Oriented manner (as in any LOO) but not constrained to object orientation. The building of virtual objects systems in an ambient lets you use more techniques than reduction and formal design.
An ambient lets you build open systems, systems that are open in structure and evolve through time.

The use of OpenCV library in an ambient is very promising because the algorithms contained in OpenCV can be used in a more creative and interactive way. Learning of Computer Vision techniques and essays can be evaluated and completed in seconds and not in hours (as when using C or another programming language).

For more references on the use of Virtual Object Ambients you can visit:

Our objetive is to implement a native access to OpenCV and an Object level wrapper to each Entity defined in OpenCV library.
We will implement them as we need them and guided by our own interests. So, if you want to help us or want to use something that is not currently implemented, please contact us to planify how we can doIt in the better way.