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[A8] Configuration framework

The A8 configuration framework let you customize the boot of your A8 application to start from external files stored in memory cards, or from internet.

A8 startup

The A8 system includes a A8Demo category containing the A8Configuration support.
The index.html file (used as default file to boot the system) evaluate the following expression after loading the image file:
A8Demo startup

The A8Demo class open the U8 tool (if present) and then send #startup to a new instance (aA8Demo).
The A8Demo>>#startup method set some native functions and try to load an A8Configuration from external files (in main memory card).

A8Configuration load

The load of default configuration is a procedure that try to load configuration contents from external files.
The default load mechanism try to load configuration from the first existent file matching:

Loading a configuration do not execute the configuration, it only load contents from files.

anA8Configuration startup

The #startup message sent to an instance of A8Configuration will evaluate actions to start the module/image/code/frw/app defined by the configuration.
Read method A8Configuration>>#startup to understand the steps involved in startup of a configuration and how you can set a configuration to load modules from external media (memory, servers, etc).

A8 configuration Selector

The A8Demo add a combo box with all the options present in default configuration.
It is easy to set the configuration to choose wich frameworkad/or files you want to load when working on a new framework.


There are two paths to learning how to configure your S8 for Android:
  1. Browse class "A8Configuration" using your A8 application.
  2. Download the A8 Project files and read the sources at assets/demo/A8Demo.st.
    (the A8Configuration model is part of the A8Demo).