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[Cva8] Application startup

Cva8 is packaged as a normal Cordova Application, containing a (full screen) webview and configured to use ALL the standard Cordoba plugins.
The application can be edited to add/remove plugins and/or build for other platforms supported by Cordova tools.

The Cordova framework implements ALL the Cordova API and has no issues reported; so you can Access any function provided by the plugins (e.g. file system, network, Wifi state, contacts, etc).

The application can add custom plugins (e.g. to support barcode scanning, native GUI elements, etc). The plugins samples implement full plugin extensions with 100% smalltalk code (do not require custom JavaScript adaptor).

Cva8 App includes the Cordova.demo framework that test most of the cordova API and render results in sample area.

The startup mechanism is similar to web platform.
A clean S8 system is loaded from an image file, stored as an application resource file (see folder ./www in the Cva8 Project).

The image contains U8 tools customized with Cva8 simple expressions.

NoteActually (Oct2014) do NOT include the [A8] Configuration framework, but can be added w/o major effort.