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[coco8] Publishing to the AppStore

We will present here the basic steps to distribute your app in the AppStore.
You still will need to read Apple documentation to be familiarized with terms like code signing, provisioning profile, app (and bundle) identifier, Development team and so on.. The App Distribution Guide is a complete guide with all the processes you have to complete in order to publish your app in the AppStore. It is very important to spend some time reading it.
We will write a very short version here, based on the publication of the app of our Hello World tutorial, but We encourage You to read the Apple iTunes Connect Developer Guide and the App Distribution Guide

  1. [coco8] Configure your Xcode project for distribution
  2. [coco8] Registering an App Id for our app
  3. [coco8] Creating an iTunes Connect Record for our App
  4. [coco8] Submitting Your App to the Store