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[coco8] Configure your Xcode project for distribution

For Xcode to create the team provisioning profile, the appís bundle ID needs to be unique and the project assigned to a team. Later, you provide other information that identifies this version of your app. The identity settings appear in the Identity section of the targetís General pane. For iOS apps, the Identity section appears as shown here:
Uploaded Image: distrib1.jpg

The bundle ID must be unique in the world, so we choose a unique prefix (Common practice: Reversed version of our organization URL) and an app name unique for our organization.
For example: net.smalltalking.u8.coco8.helloWorld
At the same settings page, Set the Deployment Info filling the following fields:

Deployment Target: Specifies the lowest operating system version that your app will run on.
Target Devices: At the moment, iPhone, iPad or Universal (both)

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