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[Mobile] How to implement a Mobile Application

Uploaded Image: UnderConstructionLine.gif


Creating UI with the Mobile platform

The Mobile Framework includes a generic abstract widget hierarchy. Widgets for specific plafforms are subclassed from each abstract widget. In the application, to instantiate UI elements, we use generic templates. Such templates specify generic UI elements. For instantiation of Android or iOS platform widget, MobileDevice and MobileApplication classes are used.

Defining your Coordinator

Link your Coordinator to an UI specification

Coordinator Structure

Inside an UI specification method (#uiDefinition), a Coordinator is defined as an Association

Defining your Mobile Threads

Threads Structure

Defining Callbacks


Continuing with the example of #uiDefinition method, define an #open method in class side with the following template:

Basic Architecture

Uploaded Image: MobileFrkArch.png

Basic Architecture with Events

Uploaded Image: Basic Mobile App With Events.png

Providing User Classes

Uploaded Image: Core MobileApp Classes vs User Classes.png

Creating Threads

Uploaded Image: Use Case Thread Creation.png

Creating Coordinators

Uploaded Image: Use Case Mobile Coordinator Creation.png