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[U8] Getting started

U8 is the first social development platform for Smalltalk.
It is a web service to produce software based on Smalltalk technology for diferent target platforms.
U8 provides a medium to share, show and store Smalltalk images and/or file based modules.
Any U8 user has its own storage location (a profile folder) where all sample works or development pieces (called contribution) are contained.
U8 is presented as traditional web site, plus a set of web service operations providing upload of images and/or modules.
This set of operations are fully available in S8 Smalltalk.
So U8 can be used as a kind of repository, a place to learn a modern Smalltalk (alone or with other developers) or a platform to share and show with other smalltalkers.

U8 Walkthrough

U8 has several platforms and modes. You can find detailed information about these alternatives in [U8] Platforms. This section is a collection of walkthrough showing simple basic steps in development procces for several modes.

Compact Web Mode walkthrough
Image based mode with minimal U8 tools. Development is a traditional Smalltalk save & continue process.
You should use compact web mode if: you are learning s8, you are testing some part of code or library, you want to quickly test a part of migrated code, you want 'save & continue' philosophy
UI8+WI8 Web Headless Mode walkthrough
File based mode with GUI widgets. Development is based in a default image that can start loading pieces/modules dynamically from files.
You should use UI8+WI8 Web Headless Mode if: you are learning S8, you need to develop GUI based application, you are developing GUI based frameworks, you need to develop an application that dynamically loads modules or parts.
Console Mode walkthrough
File based development. It is the basic mode of operation and development of S8 , is used to do offline development that can run in several platforms.
You should use console mode if: you need to develop (visual or non-visual) frameworks and/or applications for multiple platforms.
Node walkthrough
Console based mode for developing server side applications using S8.
You should use Node if: you are learning S8, you are developing server side applicatins, you need acces to low level operation such sockets, file System, or any NodeJS supported module.

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