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[UI8] UI8Snapshot

By clicking icon in UI8Toolbar Snapshot Inspector is opened.

Uploaded Image: UI8Snapshot.png

after a few moments you will see the collected snapshot

Uploaded Image: UI8Snapshot2.png

The Snapshot Inspector aims to capture, save and dump the actual snapshot of S8 system.
Each instance of this tool will contain a particular snapshot. You can work as usual until you decide to do a capture in diferent ways: Doing the capture in tool, saving capture in a external file or dumping the snapshot contents in other window.

Uploaded Image: save.pngSave action.Saves the captured snapshot contents in the default image file.
Uploaded Image: saveAs.pngSave as action.Saves the captured snapshot contents in a user defined file.
Uploaded Image: newWindow.pngNew window action.Dump the captured snapshot contents in a external window.
Uploaded Image: edit.pngEdit action. Dump the captured snapshot contents in the code area of tool.
Uploaded Image: editStartup.pngEdit startUp action. Allows to manipulate index.html for including user snapshots in startup time.
Uploaded Image: connect.pngConnect action. Let UI8Sanpshot be binded to a remote system.

The snapshot inspector allow you to see and select binary fragments.

Uploaded Image: UI8Snapshot3.png

Using multiple selection you could do a raw operational extraction of specific binary fragments.



UI8Snapshot inherits from [UI8] UI8ToolApplication.


UI8Snapshot can trigger the following events (besides the ones inherited from its superclass):



NTH & feature requests

  1. boot from snapshot... - let the user boot a new S8 system from a snapshot contents/file/clipboard (in a new window?)
  2. inspect snapshot... - (drop snapshot.js file) open an UI to compare read snapshot to current system
  3. load snapshot... - let the user load an external snapshot file (as text)