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[UI8] UI8ChunkBrowser

The chunk browser is a system recovery and code selection/extraction tool.
You can select/compare chunks of code, fileIn selection in the running system and/or export selection to text in chunk format.

The chunks must be well formed and must contain only s8 source code (it is not a full fileIn reader, because fileIn process can require changes in the reading system while processing to success).

Uploaded Image: browseChunks2.png

A chunk browser is opened over chunks of code.
It can be opened from a workspace chunks selection or from a browser.
You can also open a chunk browser by droping a chunks file over a workspace:

Uploaded Image: dropFileToWorkspace2.png

After dragging the file to the workspace, chunks will be shown in the workspace, and then chunk browser can be opened by pressing chunk browser icon.

Regarding chunk browser underlying model (you can browse FiledInChunk hierarchy) you have: method, class definition and expression chunks

In order to filter chunks in chunk browser you can find the following toggle action icons in the upper part of the tool:

Uploaded Image: chunkBrowserIcons.png

Follow a description of chunk browser actions:

Uploaded Image: withoutEvaluates.pngFilter expressions action.Show/hide expression evaluates.
Uploaded Image: keepOnlyLastMethodImplementation.pngFilter methods action.Show all methods/keep only last method implementation in chunk order.
Uploaded Image: keepOnlyLastClassDefinition.pngFilter class definitions action.Show all class definitions/keep only last class definition in chunk order.
Uploaded Image: hideSelections.pngFilter selections action.Show/hide selected chunks.

You can post-process your chunks file and file it in or generate a new one, by setting your filters, then select the rows remaining in chunk browser list and copy them to another file or file them in, or do the action you need.


UI8ChunkBrowser inherits from [UI8] UI8Workspace


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