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[UI8] UI8SUnit

Uploaded Image: UI8SUnit2.png

SUnit testing runner.

You can either run tests in specific URL or run a test set hosted in swiki.

The Swiki section was designed to run (or editing edit button) test sets hosted on s8-media Swiki. On startup time SUnit tool loads a default catalog of sunit tests.
For SUnit tool means search for any page with label sunit[aName] where aName is the name of the desired test set (in this case category names is sunit and aName = s8). Also to discern what classes belong to particular set, the class category of an specific set should have a particular name. For example for s8 set the class category name is sunit-s8.
For more detail see Swiki Robots for testing

The URL section was designed to run tests from specific URL. In this case you are required to include instructions for the execution of the test itself. As example see the the final part of sample unit test showed in above image. Omitting this final section will only fileIn the test case not entering execution. Finally, if you are a registered user in u8.smalltalking.net and you are logged in it is possible to edit the URL test file.

The Robot section was designed to run any tests hosted on swiki. See testing with SwikiCodeRobots for detailed information.

Uploaded Image: UI8SUnit3.png

The text boxes contains the arguments to be passed to SwikiCodeRobot to select pages to evaluate.
The expression evaluated is SwikiCodeRobot @> #( swikiName category tag )
Uploaded Image: idea.gifNote that you can enter an empty text and the robot will process based on less arguments.
Example: if run with first and second box empty and the text #testS8IsObject in the last text box, the robot will process the page found at #testS8IsObject in the default swiki (s8-media).


UI8SUnit inherits from [UI8] UI8ToolApplication


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