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[node8-android] Index page

Quick Start

Follow to learn how to start development of Native Android applications with S8

node8-android is the Android project development platform and tools, for building Android native applications with S8.
node8-android is built with Node, read more about Node8 in this page.

The application in Google play

Contribute downloading and using the U8 tools in your android device!

[node8-android] FAQ

U8 toolset


Platform source files (Android Studio project) are available for download, from U8 service.
node8-android-part*.zipcomplete source files to build Android sample apps, including SystemServer
*.apkSample Android Apps

How to install and run sample apps?

  1. Ensure your Android device is set to accept applications from unknown sources.
  2. Download the appS8 sample application file in your device

To connect U8 from desktop
  1. The URL to access the SystemServer is shown in the console of Android Studio (the URL to access the server in your device is http://localIPofTheAndroidDevice:8088 )
  2. Open an internet navigator and connect the U8 tools to the server

Building the application from sources

The project for Android Studio can be downloaded from U8 service folder; as four files in compressed format.

Composition of the system

original source
node-mobilenode-mobile framework
Additional code
for startup
We added some functions to access application resources and to load our image (from app resources). The sources are MIT licensed and License information contain references to original authors.
Java bindingsThe code for bindings to Java is derivative code of node-java project. All the code is included and License file contain references to original authors.
S8 Build folderIt is a normal console build folder, including: SwikiCodeRobot, SystemServer, NodeJS, core S8, platform libraries, application sources & "browse" folder for browsing the image with U8 tools (Web mode).
See also: console platform.

Developer's notes

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