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[UI8] UI8Forwarder

Fowarder tool aims to define a set of links for documentation or sharing purpose.
You can add/delete/edit links. Such link item list can be saved in a text file allowing define a contribution as a documentation forwarder. Also you can establish if edition pane group will be visible after saving action and reloading the actual contribution.
In U8, Forwarder was defined as a platform too, so you can decide to fork a forwarder and build an item link list as a contribution for sharing documentation and contents.

As special case if you build a forwarder contribution with only one link/reference, it will acts as a direct forwarder without need of showing a list.

Uploaded Image: forwarder.png

Uploaded Image: edit.pngEdit action.Populates an item list for edition.
Uploaded Image: close.pngRemove action.Removes an item from list.
Uploaded Image: save.pngSave action.Saves the actual item list in a text file.


UI8Snapshot inherits from [UI8] UI8ToolApplication.


UI8Forwarder can trigger the following events (besides the ones inherited from its superclass):