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[coco8] Issue report: Reading Sample file

Summary: Reading a file (~3Mb) in a loop, can result in an EXC_BAD_ACCESS or memory full.

Expected Results: The test should evaluate an arbitrary number of times without issue.

Actual Results: Memory appears to be corrupted causing EXC_BAD_ACCESS or silent crash and memory full.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Download the coco8 Xcode project (compressed file)
  2. Open coco8/coco8.xcodeproj with Xcode 8.
  3. Run the application on an iPhone 6s.
  4. Tap the link ("Read Sample.txt file") in the welcome page.
    This will cause the application to crash.


Configuration: Xcode 8.0 beta (8S128d), iPhone 6s iOS 9.3.2 (13F69)