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[s8sx] Trying to reproduce issue evaluating in OSX

Results (Claudio)

smalltalk.Compiler.recompile() -It Compiles without any problem-
smalltalk.Collection.recompileAll() -It Compiles without any problem-
smalltalk.Object.recompileAll() -After 7 minutes, It crashes. (Compiling Behaviour class)-
loop with simple sum expression -Ok-

Tests were performed using a:
iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011)
Processor Name: Intel Core i5
Processor Speed: 2.7 GHz
Memory: 12 GB
OSX "El Capitán" 10.11.5

Results (Ale)

smalltalk.Compiler.recompile()after compiling 10th method of Compiler (Compiler>>#compiler:forClass:) debugger reported a DNU (on a method that is present and was activated before) and then a crash
smalltalk.Collection.recompileAll()App frozen after compile of 2nd method
smalltalk.Object.recompileAll()-not evaluated-
loop with simple sum expressioncrash after first evaluation! (EXC_BAD_ACCESS)

Tests were performed using a:
Mac mini(End 2014)
Memory: 8 GB
OSX "El Capitán" 10.11.6
Results running on : Xcode 8 (beta) xcode 7 also crash, but in diferent place.