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[jx8-android] Boot procedure of jx8-Android applications

Android applications start execution in class MainActivity.

JX8-android applications implement method for onCreate() doing the following steps:
singleton = this;Save a singleton instance reference
This singleton can be accessed from s8 side.
currentInstanceState = savedInstanceState;Save the state given by Android O.S.
This state can be accessed from s8 side.
createJX8(this);Create the execution environment for s8 and load the image file(s).
The creation of UI of application is driven by application; implemented in s8.
This methods should be empty (can have some java code during development of platform or for debugging).
currentInstanceState = null;The state is available only during create.

Note that the application's image have all the code needed to start and run the application; implemented as S8 smalltalk.


The method implement the boot of execution machinery for s8.