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The ScanApp is a minimalist interface to load and run U8 applications in your phone/tablet.

Scan a barcode or Qr code to get access to an application (e.g. from U8 service).
The code is filedIn/installed and the application run automatically.
The mechanism is used to run apps or load frameworks pointing your device to barcodes.

Procedure to install an application

  1. Start the ScanApp
  2. point your device to a barcode or QR
  3. the code will be used to install the application/framework/etc and execute

How to start ScanApp

iOSApplications page (scan icon)
AndroidMain menu item "Scan App" (right top of screen)

Can also be started evaluating "ScanApp run" in workspace.

What can be encoded to be managed by ScanApp?

The code obtained from scan must be of the format
Code starting with tagIs considered as...
!, s8: or st:Smalltalk code following the tag (will be filedIn)
http://Try to run an app hosted at given URL.
If the application is not found, open the page at URL.
u8:the tag is expanded to an URL hosted by U8 service and processed as an URL
swiki:the tag is expanded to an URL hosted by swiki and processed as a page to process with SwikiCodeRobot
js: or javascript:javascript code following the tag will be loaded
Smalltalk expression (will be filedIn)

How to publish a ScanApp's application as U8 contribution

Uploaded Image: alert.gifSee uses of Smalltalk>>#moduleLoaded: to install hooks during loading

[s8-media] TestSet for scanApp

To create a QR code image in this swiki pointing to a page, add an <IMG src="theURL"> HTML element in the page where "theURL" is the result of evaluating the following expression in a workspace
UI8Workspace new
	qrFor: 'SwikiCodeRobot @> #(test s8)'
	width: 300 height: 300

[Todo] Nice to have