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[s8] Binary module format

S8's binary representation is pure javascript code.

We use the following package forms, where all contains S8 code in binary format.
Package typeFilename/extensionContents
snapshot*.snapshot.jsContains a snapshot of a complete S8 environment. Includes the boot code and it is expected that the package can be used to start execution of a complete S8 environment.
image*.image.jsContains classes and methods of a complete S8 image. Can be used to fill the contents of an S8 environment just after booted.
binary*.st.jsBinary code produced during fileIn of a source(.st) file. It is composed by binary expressions to instantiate classes and methods while loading.

Specification of S8 binary parser

See S8BinaryParser>>#codeParser in module S8BinaryParser under S8/Tools
Class side messages include samples to parse image and snapshot