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HelpDesk is an U8 tool designed for asistance while using S8 (and U8 toolset) for software development and exploration of Object Technology.

While working with U8, you can make questions and read answers on topics related with social software development with S8 Smalltalk.
It works like a forum available and integrated with your objects.

The tool can be opened from Welcome tool.

Uploaded Image: ui8HelpDesk.png

The main list of topics is rendered for navigation in the main window.
Anyone can read, but interaction is enabled for logged U8 users.
Posting a message is simple and direct.
You write the content, preview the message body to check the correct visualization, and send it.


UI8HelpDesk inherits from [UI8] UI8ToolApplication.
The windows to show messages are instances of [UI8]UI8HelpDeskMessage


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