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[pi8] Loading (javascript) library Cylon.js

Ensure your cylon installation is complete and working.
After the node.js module is installed it can be loaded from S8 system.

Require the cylon

To check that the module load, start your S8 system and connect a Workspace from remote PC.
Evaluate (with showIt) the following expression in the connected workspace:
JS@>(self require: #cylon)
 Adaptor: (function Adaptor(opts) {...});
 Driver: (function Driver(opts) {...});
 IO: [object Object];
 Logger: [object Object];
 MCP: [object Object];
 Robot: (function Robot(opts) {...});
 Utils: [object Object];
 api: (function create(Server, opts) {...});
 config: (function update(data) {...});
 halt: (function halt(callback) {...});
 robot: (function create(opts) {...});
 start: (function start(callback) {...});

Cylon framework & drivers for Raspberry Pi

Framework repohttps://github.com/hybridgroup/cylon
Adaptor for the Raspberry Pihttps://github.com/hybridgroup/cylon-raspi
General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) deviceshttps://github.com/hybridgroup/cylon-gpio
Drivers for i2c deviceshttps://github.com/hybridgroup/cylon-i2c

Loading the drivers