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[pi8] try to build Raspberry Pi version of gn binary

Trying to update

See How to update the GN binaries that Chromium uses
Any committer should be able to do a roll by running //tools/gn/bin/roll_gn.py on linux or mac.
mmm... I do not work here :-(
Will try to rebuild GN from bootstrap
  1. checkout chromium...
  2. Install&build ninja
    cd ~
    git clone https://github.com/martine/ninja.git -b v1.7.2
    cd ninja && ./configure.py --bootstrap
    export PATH=~/ninja/:$PATH
  3. Bootstrap gn
    cd ~/chromium/src
    export PATH=~/ninja/:~/depot_tools:"$PATH"
    tools/gn/bootstrap/bootstrap.py --no-rebuild --no-clean -v
Uploaded Image: alert.gifThe ninja compiler freeze while compiling files. Frozen at step 38/83 (sometimes at 41/83) consuming 100% CPU.
There is NO indication of errors nor failure. Nothing dump to console (same in vervose mode)
It has not been possible to surpass the situation. The build of GN in Raspberry has failed