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[pi8] Install S8 (nodeJS) in Rasperry Pi 3

  1. Prepare a new sdcard (32gb sdcard recommended)
    1. download Noobs as a zip file
    2. decompress the zip file in the root folder of a clean, FAT32 formated sdcard
  2. Put the card in the sdcard slot of the Rapsberry Pi and connect power cable
  3. Install Raspbian O.S.
    1. [optional] set the wifi connection
    2. Select/check the Raspbian operating system
    3. Press the install button
  4. Configure the OS
    1. S8 do NOT need any customization to run, but at this point it is convenient to set internationalization parameters of the O.S.
      Desktop's lefttop (Applications) menu / Preferences / Raspberry Pi configuration / Localization.
    2. Check if you have a working internet connection. Just click in wifi icon (upper left, next to volume icon) to force a connection. Issue the following command at the $ prompt:
      $ ping www.google.com
    3. Make sure you have and updated system. Just type the following:
      $ sudo apt update
      This command will not actually update any software on the system, but will download the latest package lists from the software repositories so that Raspbian will be aware of all new software available along with dependencies. Next, run the following command to upgrade any packages installed on your system that need upgrades:
      $ sudo apt full-upgrade
      This is important to keep your RasPi system synchronized with security updates, etc. These two commands should be issued together and run periodically.
  5. Download the S8 Node platform
    1. download node.zip file from U8
    2. decompress the file in a new folder
  6. Start the (sample) S8 system server
    1. Open a console window
    2. cd (change directory) to the folder you have just created for node.js platform
    3. start the S8 system server executing
      $ node n8.snapshot.js
    4. You shoud see a line in the console reporting the URL to use to access the S8 System Server from other computers in your local network
      e.g. SystemServer running at
  7. Connect U8 desktop tools to your S8 environment running in Rasperry Pi
    1. Use an internet browser in a computer of you local network to load the U8 system
    2. Open a U8 tool (Workspace or System Browser)
    3. Connect the tool to S8 system running in your Raspberry Pi.
      Press connect button and enter the SystemServer's URL