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[UI8] UI8Screen

The Screen tool aims to capture and show screen's state of remote systems.

Uploaded Image: screen1.png

While you are in a remote connection working in conjunction with other tools (Workspace, System Browser, System References, etc) UI8Screen will help you to gain a visual feedback on remote systems. See also Remote connections

Uploaded Image: update.pngUpdate action.Manually refresh the captured screen of remote system.
Uploaded Image: zoomOut4.pngZoom out 4x action. Shrink the screen to 1/4 of original size.
Uploaded Image: zoomOut3.pngZoom out 3x action. Shrink the screen to 1/3 of original size.
Uploaded Image: zoomOut2.pngZoom out 2x action. Shrink the screen to 1/2 of original size.
Uploaded Image: zoomNormal.pngZoom nromal action. Extend screen to original size.
Uploaded Image: never.pngNever action. Stop refresh cycle, if any.
Uploaded Image: oncePerSecond.jpgOnce per second action. Start one-per-second refresh cycle.
Uploaded Image: each5Seconds.pngEach five second action. Start every-five-second refresh cycle.



UI8Screen tool uses Smalltalk functionality Smalltalk>>#capture:with: to acquire the remote screen state,
! UI8Screen methodsFor: #ui !
	" Private - Update the UI of the receiver. "

	self smalltalk capture: #screen: with: [:data|
		self updateWith: data; updateAfter: rate
	]! !

#capture:with: will try to capture a symbol (#screen) and potentially evaluates a block with the result. This mechanism allows to acquire a resource, an expresion evaluation, or a simple method activation result captured in context of each Smalltalk system.


UI8Screen inherits from [UI8] UI8ToolApplication


UI8Screen can handle the following events (besides the ones inherited from its superclass):



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