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[chart8] Index page

The chart8 application is a native iOS application derived from coco8.
It includes the Highcharts library for iOS, and this page is the main page about the system implementation.

Working pages of Chart8 application

[chart8] Beta testing

The chart8 application is an open system we use for iterative development of solutions with S8 objects in this field.
We will update the application frequently to reflect the state of development of frameworks and concrete solutions in the topics of interest.
The chart8 application is completelly written in S8 smalltalk by smalltalkers; so you will feel at home if you have any experience with classic smalltalk environments.
The chart8 application is actually an iOS application that start a complete S8 smalltalk environment and open the U8 tools in the device.
You can evaluate expressions (as usual in Smalltalk and coco8), browse classes, use any of the U8 tools in the device and also connect from desktop computer to access the chart8 app with U8 tools.

[chart8] list of version updates

Uploaded Image: alert.gifIn case you need help, keep in contact to enter social software development. References are in home page of this swiki or at U8 Service's home page