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[coco8fb] Building the project

Uploaded Image: alert.gifNote that this steps are required if you want to start building your own version of the app, another (better) path to follow is to download the last version of the project and edit the project to fit your needs.This page is the residue of building the application the first time; as a log of the activity.

Steps to build coco8fb as a fork of coco8 application

  1. Download the coco8 project from U8 service
  2. Decompress the project files as a new folder
  3. copy the subfolder coco8 as a new folder named coco8fb
  4. Rename all the places where it appears the name "coco8" to "coco8fb" (in fileNames or in file contents)
  5. Adapt the build folder to fit your needs
  6. Build the first version of the app with xcode to check that all is ok
  7. set application icons, screens, etc

Register app in Facebook

  1. Register the app as stated in getting-started page

[coco8fb] Browsing the SDK with ObjCBrowser

Connecting the application's delegate