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example[spec] Add a widget - Node8 Android

In Node8-Android:

1- start appS8
2- tap on U8 Workspace list in navigator
3- select IMLT8 and doIt content, the device will display:
Uploaded Image: original-IMLT8-tasks-UI-50-50.jpg
4- open 239 contribution
5- connect to Android device
6- in a connected workspace type and evaluate:
| mobileApp spec coo cooSpec widgets config newSpec widgets |
"In this example we add a widget to a coordinator template, 
so get current spec, add a widget to it and set this new resulting spec to coordinator template"
"Implementation note: #spec: spec message will set spec as the new spec and refresh rendered UI"

mobileApp  := MainActivity singleton activeThread coordinator mobileCoordinator application. 
coo := (mobileApp threads at: 1) coordinator. 
cooSpec := coo template basicAt: #spec. 
config := (JS @ cooSpec) @ #configuration. 
widgets := (JS @ config) @ #widgets.

"newSpec is the spec of the new widget"
newSpec := (#class -> #MobileText ),
	(#configuration -> ( (#order -> 6),(#text -> 'test text!') )).

JS @ widgets handleAt: #newText put: newSpec json.

"cooSpec is the new spec for coordinator template"
"set the new spec"
coo spec: cooSpec.

7- test text! appears below:
Uploaded Image: changed-IMLT8-tasks-UI-50-50.jpg