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[jx8fb] Building the project

Steps followed to define the jx8fb application

  1. Copy the appS8 subfolder of root JX8 android studio project
  2. rename the copied to folder jx8fb
  3. edit the settings.gardle file adding , ":jx8fb" at end of the line
  4. Edit the files inside jx8fb folder changing the text "appS8" with "jx8fb"
  5. inside folder "s8" do:
    1. Edit the bat files to build&clean for project jx8fb (copy the commands for appS8 changing actions to apply to jx8fb)
    2. copy appS8.js as jx8fb.js
    3. edit jx8fb.js changing appS8 to jx8fb
    4. copy the folder s8/sources/appS8 as s8/sources/jx8fb
      1. edit the build files to point to sources appS8 (to do NOT use copies of sources;
        we want jx8fb application to evolve in sync with appS8)
  6. re-build the projects and ensure the image file is created under \JX8\jx8fb\src\main\assets
  7. Open Android studio
  8. Sync the JX8 project
    Tools -> Android -> Sync Project with Gradle Files