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[photos8] iOS Photos.framework


See comments of PHPhotoLibrary in coco8

IMPORTANT: XCode project setup

Uploaded Image: alert.gifEnsure you set the XCode project including Photos.framework to your application target in Xcode.
Also, don't forget to mark the library as optional!
If the framework is not included in the project, the system can behave wild and the objects can be available during first use; and after restarting the system it can happen that it will not be bound to runtime anymore. Clearing and rebuilding the XCode project do not solve the binding problem; nor any error are triggered by XCode nor iOS runtime.

Add the required ussage descriptions to Info.plist

The iOS OS will hide access to most libraries if you do not set your project's Info.plist file while building the application.
Yes, you canīt build a true dynamic system/application with Apple tools.
The following keys must be present to use the Photos.framework
With set with a string explaining "why" you need to use the framework.


The implementation is under library folder inside build of coco8 platform.
It can be embedded in your system or loaded dynamically from U8 service.

Test page


"Collect exports of Photos.framework (in global PhotosExport)"
PhotosExports := ObjCMirror tree @ #(
	System Library Frameworks
	'Photos.framework' Photos
self print: 'Names exported by Photos.framework = '
	,(PhotosExports collect: [:each| each name]) asLiteral.