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[UI8] Prompters, loggers and choosers

Description of the common U8 API for logging, choosing elements of a list, prompting information to the user, etc.

Object>>#logEvaluate:Return the result of evaluating the receiver.
Log the source expression as reference of evaluation.
Object>>#alert:Alert the user with aString.web(UI8Core)
Object>>#confirm:Prompt the user for confirmation of aString (return true or false).web(UI8Core)
Object>>#confirm:acceptDoing:cancelDoing:Confirm the user with aString.jx8-android(U8)
Object>>#prompt:Prompt the user for aString (return aString or nil).web(UI8Core)
Object>>#prompt:acceptDoing:cancelDoing:Prompt the user for aString.jx8-android(U8)
Object>>#prompt:default:Prompt the user for aString (return aString or nil).web(UI8Core)
Object>>#prompt:default:acceptDoing:cancelDoing:Prompt the user for aString.jx8-android(U8)
Object>>#promptValue:Prompt the user for aString (return the result of evaluating S8 expression given by the user - or an error).web(UI8Core)
Object>>promptValue:doing:Prompt the user for aString.jx8-android(U8)
TableViewManager class>>#choose:detail:imageNames:doing:Let the user choose an element in collection and evaluates aBlock with that element.coco8(U8Widgets)
MainActivity>>listWithTitle:options:imageNames:doing:Show list with options and images.jx8-android(U8)
Simple chooser for grid/list w/icons,title,actions