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[node8-android] appU8 Log

11:23:31.022 JniHelper::setJavaVM
11:23:31.797 Initializing JXcore engine
11:23:31.939 Starting JXcore engine
11:23:32.146 Execution of prologue.js complete!
11:23:32.146 JXcore engine is started
11:23:32.150 Execution of epilogue.js complete!
11:23:32.610 About to load Snapshot
11:23:40.976 About to launchImage
11:23:41.758 	MainActivity launching...
11:23:45.050 // Fragment class>>#concreteInstanceOf:handle: - Missing support for 'net.smalltalking.s8.jx8.WelcomeFragment' as Fragment in #( 'net.smalltalking.s8.jx8.WelcomeFragment' 'android.support.v4.app.Fragment' )
11:23:45.453 Launch Error: {st:aError - Cannot call method 'singleton' of undefined}
    TypeError: Cannot call method 'singleton' of undefined
        at JX_Evaluate:4035:241
        at StObject.installApplication (JX_Evaluate:4035:279)
        at JX_Evaluate:3847:181
        at JX_Evaluate:3847:227
        at Function.try_catch_ (JX_Evaluate:3701:16)
        at Function.on_do_ (JX_Evaluate:3696:13)
        at StObject.launch (JX_Evaluate:3847:304)
        at JX_Evaluate:3749:89
        at null.launch (JX_Evaluate:3749:100)
        at JX_Evaluate:2483:48
11:23:45.470 Snapshot loaded
11:23:45.473 Loading epilogue.js
11:23:46.885 SystemServer running at