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[m8n] Turbo

Turbo.lua is a framework built for LuaJIT 2 to simplify the task of building fast and scalable network applications.
It uses a event-driven, non-blocking, no thread design to deliver excellent performance and minimal footprint to high-load applications while also providing excellent support for embedded uses.
Can be used for HTTP REST APIís, traditional dynamic web pages through templating, open connections like WebSockets, or just as high level building blocks for native speed network applications.

We implemented access to the framework's API from S8 system, so you can implement any server application with S8 where Turbo.lua is installed.

The turbo S8 framework is downloadable from U8 service.
There are also samples to start learning how to use the framework (See TurboSamples.st)

How to join the workgroup?

As usual the development is driven by social development efforts, so keep in contact and read the pages in our swiki for tests and samples of this framework


  1. it is mandatory to have Turbo.lua installed and running in your computer.
  2. it is also required a s8.snapshot.lua file
  3. download (and decompress) the turbo platform files from U8 service

How to run your server?

The process to implement/test/run your server is like implementing any S8 application in console platform (see batch scripts and build.st file to boot your server after building the system/snapshot).
Download the turbo platform files to start you application from running environment.

Use the SystemServer to implement your server connected from remote U8 toolset.
It can be started evaluating: SystemServer start

At end of building your system, and starting your server, you can activate the IoLoop to attend clients evaluating: Ioloop instance start

To execute the server evaluate the command
luaJit -i turbo-run.lua
See also file m8nTurbo.lua for details on how it load/build s8 system