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[Fixed] BUGs list

The application does not allow you to upload a .js or a .st file.

The page of he tool do not show the name of contribution.
It can be ok if it is shown as title of the document.
see solution to update your contribution and add this feature

Fixed By Contribution

When fork a DRAFT contribution, add "forked: " to the title.

Fix profile style

Login button doesn't work in page "Browse contributions".

Fix donate/transfer brownies icon style

In Firefox 6 does not work the "saveimage" [30/12/2011 - Smalltalker ]
To Test

LogIn do not work in IE 8 + winXP
Report "error in page" in status bar.

Detalles de error de página web

Agente de usuario: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E; .NET CLR 3.0.04506.648; .NET CLR 3.5.21022; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; AskTbPTV2/
Fecha: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 22:52:45 UTC

Mensaje: '_' no está definido
Línea: 12
Carácter: 41
Código: 0
URI: http://u8.smalltalking.net/js/janrain.js
To Test

Server Error in '/' Application.
Unexpected API error
  1. logIn
  2. on my Contributions page... back button in browser
  3. server error page

After pressing the "Publish now!" link, the links for edition dissapear. It is ok, but the buttons for loading the image and fork are still there and functional.

Delete button dont have confirmation dialog

Make avatar and screenshot contribution available

[done] U8 tool: notification "uploading image" when saving the smalltalk image
U8 tool: recover the title in the #initialize method

see solution to update your contribution and add this feature

Fixed By Contribution

[jan,19 2012] The button "Donate Brownies" do nothing when not loggedIn. It should point the user to Brownies/"Read More" or at least, popup an alert that must register to have brownies to donate.

After first saveImage, each time while saving image, a text is shown with text of the popup dialog of previous saveImage.

[jan,19 2012] When accessing a contribution page via URL (not loggedOn) the [Quit] button do nothing (it would be nice to point the browser to U8 home page).

[jan,19 2012] LoggedIn, Back button do not work (server error "Unexpected API error") been in detail page of a Contribution.
Works ok if not logged in.

[jan,19 2012] Server send error page after click sequence:

The button to "saveImage" should not be shown in case of failure to load the image.
  1. Is it safe to edit the other fields when image has failed to boot?
  2. Can we get the source of the image when boot has failed? (or at any time pressing a button?)

[Jan,07 2012, IE,windows] Each time I saved the image, it has been generated a new draft (fork); without parent link.
See contributionId= #46,#47,#48, #49 all images saved from same work in progress.
Each draft has the changes, but not listed as same work unit in contributions list.

I "started coding" from my profile page (after logIn), and edited one method to build a HowTo contribution...
I edited the properties and saved the image (pressed two buttons, one for save in properties and other inside tool page).
Then entered my page to edit the draft version...
The image was not loaded; and when I see the page, the image return empty (see attached image). That cause the "Building GUI..." forever text.
The server is not sending the image that was successfully saved (I received the notification of imagesave success).
After that I refreshed my profile page and the entry of the draft was shown two times.
After one more refresh, the server frezze.

Already LogedIn... when pressing a link to userName (un contributions page) it show a valid URL e.g. http://u8.smalltalking.net/profile.aspx?profileId=13
But the server show my contributions page! and not the user's profile.
When not loggedIn, the samelink get the home page (is it the intended response?)

(2011-12-14) Editing a contribution and change contribution's properties results in the following error.
Missing File (/U8/uploads/editingContribution.jpg)
After fix this bug, is it posible hide sensitive information about file system's structure? Showing this kind of information is prone to any kind of hacking.

Needs more testing

Editing an image doesnt have efect. On loading a previously edited image, remains in original image.


Please remove the title "[U8] U8 Initial Contribution (one file snapshot)" in tool page


The saveImage do not work when Editing a draft. It report an error writing index file.
Missing File (/U8/uploads/CopyFailed.jpg)

The description area of the contributions show the pointer cursor (as in links), but whennpressed not action is performed.

A draft image obtained from [Start coding] button, when saved report "Parent contribution: -".
It is wrong, must say "U8 initial contribution" of something revealing that original source was initial U8 image.

Each item of contribution list show pointer cursos when moving over second line (and over status), but when clicked do not go to any page.

The application fails when you add a tag twice in a contribution.

The service returned an Error when accessing Contributions page (two times today).
The server refuses to serve files with ".st" extension. See bug report at end of this page