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[U8] U8Model framework

The U8Model framework implements reading and traversing the object models of the U8 service.
The framework is implemented under U8Object hierarchy, use the System Browser to learn more about this framework.

Where is hosted?

The framework can be loaded from U8 frameworks folder (see file U8Model.st and binary forms)

Where it runs?

The framework can run in javascript and Lua execution environments, and on the web, mobile, and console platforms.
It is required that String>>#fileContents message implements reading from U8 service (is used to read contents hosted in U8 service pages/folders).

Use cases

Use case
To get the U8 usersU8User collection
To get contributions of an usere.g. U8User collection third contributions
To get frameworks of an usere.g. U8User collection third frameworks

Note that each information retrival impose one or more (syncronous) GET requests to U8 Service.

U8Model instances implements #description that returns a PoolDictionary with information read from "description.st" or "description.json" file in the folder refered by the instance.
The "description.st" must return the object to return as result of a fileIn operation that will be evaluated on the file contents.