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[U8] Debugging

The S8 debugger is an external tool, e.g. it is another S8 system running a debugger client that access a S8 system debugee.

The [U8] U8Debugger - Chrome extension

For S8 systems running using javascript virtual machines we use the Chrome DevTools Protocol to instrument, inspect, debug and profile S8 Smalltalk systems.
Many existing projects currently use the protocol.
The Chrome team maintains its API.
We implemented wrappers for the (complete Chrome) API and all the code implementing U8 debugger client is S8 Smalltalk code (MIT licensed).
See details on how to use the debugger in [U8] U8Debugger.

Debugging S8 servers running on top of Node.js machinery

Our Node framework let us implement 100% S8 Smalltalk servers.
The node.js machinery support the --inspect argument to setup and open an inspection interface on the system.
When the S8 server is started with --inspector it can #halt to enter debugger and can be [PAUSED] at any time entering the server code at the instant of interruption.
We can debug the S8 server remotelly with the [U8] U8Debugger, that will show the UI for S8 code and/or javascript functions depending on the context of debugging.

Debugging S8 native androd applications

Native android applications developed with node8 platform can be debugged remotelly with [U8] U8Debugger from desktop.
Read more here: How to debug S8 native android applications?