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[S8] S8Simulator

The S8Simulator is an instrument that can evaluate S8 Smalltalk expressions step by step (including methods entered while executing the expression).
It is designed to be used as black box framework but customizable via events.

The Steps tool uses a Simulator instance to show contexts of execution to an user for debugging pourposes.

The simulator has a streamming protocol, message #peek return the next step that will be evaluated; and #next evaluates the step advancing execution.
Message #atEnd will return true when execution is complete.
Message #value returns the current object of action while executing in a context.
The simulator also has accessors to activated methods (callstack) and context of execution at each activation frame.
The message #pause can be sent to the simulator to stop execution at current step.
Messages #play, #run, #stepOut, etc... are used to drive execution.