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[WI8] WI8Widget

The base class for widgets in U8. Current implementation is tied to HTML.

All WI8 widgets have children (so composite widgets are possible).
WI8Widget defines some basic behavior for drag/drop functionality (via a [WI8] WI8DragManager).


WI8Widget inherits from [WI8] WI8Object.

Instance Variables

childrenAllows for widget composition

Relevant Methods


@ aNameOrElement / paneAt:ifAbsent:Returns the window contained in the receiver
, / addChild: / addChildren:Materializes widget composition
canDrop: aDragManager object: anObjectReturns true if the receiver can accept anObject in a drag and drop operation
desktopReturns the current desktop for the widget system
documentReturns the current desktop document
drop: aDragManager object: anObjectAccept anObject as result of a drop operation
drop: dropBlock when: testBlockEvaluate objectBlock when an object is dropped and testBlock evaluates to true
removeBindTo: aChildRemoves a child from the receiver's handle
removeChild: / removeChildren:Removes sub elements of widget


WI8Widget can handle the following events (besides the ones inherited from its superclass):

localEventsDrag and drop events are defined in this class ( canDrop:object: and drop:object: )