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[WI8] HTMLDesktop

HTMLDesktop is the basic HTML container for U8 applications.
It refers to a DOM document which is the top level HTML page document (js).
It allows the registration of DOM events.


HTMLDesktop inherits from [WI8] WI8Widget.

Instance Variables

documentDefault value is the default DOM document (HTMLDocument)

Relevant Methods


currentReturns the desktop of the default DOM document (HTMLDocument)
in: aDocumentTraverses the multiple desktop instances and returns the one that owns aDocument


documentDefault value is the default DOM document (HTMLDocument)
isDesktopReturn value is true
windowReturns the document's window


HTMLDesktop can handle the following events (besides the ones inherited from its superclass):

DOM Events

click:A mousedown and mouseup event occured on the same element. Or the user activated the element that has the keyboard focus (usually by pressing Enter or the space bar).
dblclick:Two mouse click events occured on the same element within a reasonable time
mouseDown:A user pressed a mouse button over an element
mouseMove:The pointer is moving while it is over an element
mouseOver:The mouse pointer is moved onto an element, or onto one of its children
mouseOut:The mouse pointer is moved out of an element, or out of one of its children
mouseUp:A user released a mouse button over an element
touchStart:Touch gesture started
touchEnd:Touch gesture ended
touchMove:Touch gesture moving
touchEnter:Touch gesture entered an area
touchLeave:Touch gesture left an area
touchCancel:Touch gesture was cancelled