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General topics

User: elvio Subject: testing message

The U8 class can be installed/instantiated multiple times, each instance must have an unique id in the hosting document.
The default U8 instance (obtained as result of evaluating expression "U8 tool") is the instance that is opened/installed by default when your contribution page is loaded (You can modify your contribution to do not install the tool, or defer installation according to your application needs -see this example- ).

User: elvio Subject: Image based development

It is the default mode of development suggested by U8 server. It is instantiated from [Start Coding] button, forking this contribution or entering this page. Under image based development mode, you can take snapshot of the running application and upload the image to server. When the contribution is opened again, it will load from saved image. You work as usual in any smalltalk dev. environment.

User: elvio Subject: test3

This is a test3