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test[VSE, compatibility] index

This is the index page of VSE compatibility tests section of this swiki.
The tag "VSE" is used here (this swiki) to guide robots to perform testing on running S8 system, to determine the level of compatibility to Visual Smalltalk system.

Migration of VSE systems to S8 execution environments

Migrating VSE systems to S8 is similar to migration between other smalltalk systems.
The major diferences are related with
  1. diferent execution environment (S.O, execution platform constrains)
  2. execution machinery (javascript is our machine code)
As in any migration it is required knowledge of both smalltalk systems... or time to learn one of them while migrating.
Previous experience in S8 is important. In case of no experience, the effects can be alleviated by social development.

Sample VSE applications and frameworks

VSE-S8 Migration Guide

what I must do to run my VSE system in S8?

We suggest solutions to issues and guides for migration to S8.

Main DoIt chunk

"we inform the user we succeded reading and evaluating this chunk."
self print: 'Evaluating all VSE compatibility test!!'.!

Other pages in this test set