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test[jscocoa] 001 C and ObjC calls, missing bindings


"ObjectiveC MISSING constant resolution"
| value aName |
aName := #MissingConstantForTesting.
value := Smalltalk jsObjectAt: aName ifAbsent: [].
value isNil ifTrue: [ self error: 'Missing Constant ' ,aName ].
self print: aName ,'=' ,value.
Smalltalk gc.

"External(C) MISSING functions resolution & evaluation"
| value |
value := # #MissingFunctionForTesting.
value isNumber ifFalse: [ self error: #mustBeNumber ].
self print: 'Result=',value.
Smalltalk gc.


Ensure that you have defined the required constants and functions for testing in the ".bridgesupport" file.
 self cancelFileIn"
 the following definitions are samples to edit
 your default.bridgetsupport file"!

    <!- definitions added to test accessing undefined bindings >
    <constant name='MissingConstantForTesting' declared_type='NSString*' type='^{__CFString=}' const='true'/>
    <function name='MissingFunctionForTesting'> <retval type='d' /> </function>