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mobile[app] 06 - Cousteau Divers


The idea is to implement an application running Mobile.

The application requirement is simulated.
NoteIt is NOT a real request and there is NO relationship with Cousteau organization.

The interest is only technical as a demostration of fact to write an application in short time.

We want to open access to http://www.cousteaudivers.org/ from mobile devices.

The application is designed with sections (mobile threads) and pages for browsing/working in section.

How to run this application?

Download the app to the phone and run.
Or... use our swiki tool to see how it runs in web mode


(SwikiCodeRobot @ #mobile) process: #s8-media tagged: #core.
#(system section page) do: [:each|
    (SwikiCodeRobot @ #cousteau) process: #s8-media tagged: each

Application tree


! MobileThread methodsFor: #instantiation !
newCoordinatorFrom: spec

	(self isObject: spec) ifFalse: [
		^(MobileCoordinatorTemplate fromJSon: spec) newCoordinator
	spec isString ifTrue: [
		^(self application templateAt: spec) newCoordinator

(spec isKindOf: Behavior) ifFalse: [
     self error: 'Must be aClass ' ,spec printString
	^spec new! !

"Open UI"
self print: nil."clear the Transcript"
CousteauDivers open