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Testing with SwikiCodeRobots

SwikiCodeRobot instances can be used to load and execute tests from pages in this swiki.

We use the test category to define pages with code written for testing of frameworks/classes/etc.

Uploaded Image: alert.gifYou can add a QR code to any page of this swiki to enable instant run using ScanApp

Tests Library

Description / testing environment
How to run the tests
s8S8 core testsVisit this page and select pages tagged as test[s8] or sunit[s8] index.
metaSUnit core testssunit[meta] index
librarySUnit tests for s8 librariessunit[library] index
metatestTestset for testing frameworkstest[metatest] index - testing framework tests
test[robots] index - SwikiRobot navigation tests
sqlite3FMDB teststest[FMDB] index
vseVSE compatibility teststest[VSE, compatibility] index
coco8Tests for iPhone/iPad/iPod/OSXtest[coco8] index - Coco8 low-level interface
test[jscocoa] index - JSCOCOA interface
nodeJSNodeJS frameworktest[nodeJS] index
miscTemporary teststest[misc] index
miscMobile framework testsMobile frw testing[misc]
miscswiki mobile apps imagesswiki mobile apps images
jx8-androidTests for JX8 running Androidtest[jx8-android] index
jx8-iosTests for JX8 running iOStest[jx8-ios] index
scanAppTests for ScanApptest[scanApp] index
tns8Tests for tns8 platformtest[tns8] index
...add your testhere