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Streams issues

VSE Stream is a hierarchy as follows:


S8 Stream hierarchy as follows:


All VSE Stream hierachy is maped to S8 Stream. S8 StringStream is a special case of S8 Stream where its content is a String. In S8 this is a exceptional case because javascript string is inmutable (more detailed info in String issues section), so S8 StringStream allows to work with read & write operations on an inmutable content.
In console execution enviroment you can see this kind of adaptations, for reading a file as follows:
! File class methodsFor: #reading !
pathName: aString
   "Answer a Stream with path name aString"
   | answer |
   answer := aString fileContents.
   answer notNil ifTrue:[^StringStream on: answer].
   ^answer! !

This method definition can be found in VSECompat-Stream.st
For a detailed compatibility chart you should see Stream