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[NodeJS] test results with JX8-ios

Edit [NodeJS] test results with JX8-ios here.
Starting Cmd8 server ./u8
Cmd8 server running on port 8080
// client connected
'test[nodeJS] index'
Evaluating first chunk of the nodeJS test set
// evaluating... test[nodeJS] index
'test[nodeJS] 000 salutation'
In prologue
Starting nodeJS tests...
'test[nodeJS] 020 Accessing to global agent'
020 Accessing to global agent with #globalAgent
020 Ok
'test[nodeJS] 040 File System (setup)'
040 setup
040 - about to setup (SwikiCodeRobot)
Implementing #outputToFile: support
040 - ready (SwikiCodeRobot)
040 - Creating Samples files
Error evaluating code in #( 207 'test[nodeJS] 040 File System (setup)' ):EPERM, operation not permitted 'Sample.txt'
'test[nodeJS] 041 Folder operations (async)'
041-5 Creating folders with #mkdir:with:
OK-> 041-5 Succesfull creating folder TestFOLDER1
041-6 Creating folders with #mkdir:mode:with:
OK-> 041-6 Succesfull creating folder TestFOLDER2
041-7 Reading folder with #readdir:with:
041-8 Deleting folders with #rmdir:with:
OK-> 041-8 Succesfull deleting folder TestFOLDER1, TestFOLDER2
Error: 041-5Error: EPERM, mkdir 'TestFOLDER1'
undefined: (null)

Error: 041-6Error: EPERM, mkdir 'TestFOLDER2'
undefined: (null)

OK-> 041-7 Reading folder ./ #( '.Trashes' '.file' '.fseventsd' 'Applications' 'Developer' 'Library' 'System' 'bin' 'cores' 'dev' 'etc' 'private' 'sbin' 'tmp' 'usr' 'var' )
Error: 041-8 Error: ENOENT, rmdir 'TestFOLDER1'
undefined: (null)

Error: 041-8 Error: ENOENT, rmdir 'TestFOLDER2'
undefined: (null)