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How to run this tests for nodeJS with JX8

Option 1: connecting to the server from WI8 contribution

  1. Point your web browser to WI8 contribution
  2. Open a workspace
  3. connect the workspace to the server
  4. execute any expression to run in the server (you can also browse the server pressing the system browser icon)

Option 2: using the U8 environment published by JX8

The tests are designed to run by a jx8 server, that can be accesed by the published U8 client page (e.g. http://ipOfTheServer:8080 in a web browser).
To access the server from the U8 client, you can evaluate expressions like:

Cmd8Client < '3+7'
And the result of evaluation will be shown in the console of the JX8 server;
as any other #print: output sent during execution of remote S8 expression.

To process the tests published in this test set you can evaluate in a workspace of the U8 client the expression:

Cmd8Client <= 'SwikiCodeRobot @> #(test nodeJS)'