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How to run this tests for jx8-ios

  1. start the JX8 environment in your iOS device
  2. start WI8 contribution following this link
  3. open a workspace
  4. press the connect icon and connect the workspace to the SystemServer
  5. Enter an expression to evaluate in the workspace pane and check it is working with "showIt"
  6. Evaluate in the workspace the expression to start testing
    SwikiCodeRobot @> #(test jx8-ios)
NoteTo check the server can be accessed from this computer, try pointing your web navigator to the URL you use to connect to the SystemServer. It should return a page indicating the server is running.

Uploaded Image: alert.gifFollow this link to open the development environment with a workspace connected to
-The link has been obtained evaluating with showIt
'[UI8Workspace open connectTo: '''']valueDeferred: 300' escaped
change the IP address to connect to another server
To create a QR code image in this swiki pointing to a page, add an <IMG src="theURL"> HTML element in the page where "theURL" is the result of evaluating the following expression in a workspace
UI8Workspace new
	qrFor: 'SwikiCodeRobot @> #(test jx8-ios)'
	width: 300 height: 300