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mobile[app] 07 - ScanApp


Let the user scan a barcode. Detect in the code
anURLIf the url points to contributions, try to find&execute app in folder.
Else open the page at URL (using external browser).
swiki [swikiName,][category,]tag Use robots to walk swiki
swiki:pageUrlProcess the swiki page. e.g.:
SwikiCodeRobot @> 'swiki:s8-media/308'
sourcecodefileIn the code if it starts with !
textopen a workspace with the text

How to run this tool?

  1. Open the U8 environment with media tools
  2. Evaluate the following expression (showIt/doIt) in a workspace
    SwikiCodeRobot @> 'swiki:s8-media/308'
NoteYou can open the tool opening this link in a new tab
(be patient can take some seconds to open the tools)

How we built this tool?

Not Implemented Yet.


"Ensure Mobile framework is loaded and verify we are running in a supported platform"
(SwikiCodeRobot @ #mobile) process: #s8-media tagged: #core.

"Creating the model for tools"

"Compiling spec and open the UI"
| spec tab |
tab := (
     (#tool -> #sample),
     (#coordinator -> (
        (#class -> #MobileEditor),
        (#configuration -> (
            (#title -> 'ScanApp')
spec := (
 (#threads -> ((1 -> tab)) ),
 (#listeners -> (#needsModel -> [ #none ]))
) json.
MobileApplication open: spec.